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Safe(r) Etching Technique Experimentation Day

Once Tiger Lily Press
moves to our new home, sometime in the
next month or two, we will no longer be allowed
to use nitric acid to etch zinc plates.

So in order to keep etching alive, I’m 
learning how to use 
the saline-sulfate etch.
Today was the second day of 
casual experimentation.

I didn’t have the opportunity to
take any photos this time during the process,
but you can check out a previous 
post here with photos and
more detailed info on the technique.

Various test plates using aquatint, soft & hard grounds.

30 Apr 2011

WIP continues..

…..making slow progress on
my current woodblock print,
just finished printing the
third gray value.
23 Apr 2011

work in progress…

A friend was kind enough to
give me two of her 
shina woodblocks recently.
Because of her generosity, I’m
able to keep printing while I continue to wait for
my order from McClain’s!

I’ll be printing two separate blocks
on one large sheet of paper, one with
an image and text on the other.
The text block will be printed last, once the
image is finished.
I had to make another makeshift registration 
board to accommodate the 
placement of both blocks.

I printed the first pale shade of grey today
with my newly re-covered baren. I was
delighted to discover that it worked well,
and didn’t fall apart!!

16 Apr 2011

it’s not pretty, but it’s done…….

Yes, there actually is a baren underneath
all of those clamps, clips and rubber bands!

Since my first three attempts at re-covering my baren
failed miserably, I decided to enlist a little
extra help.
 Clearly it’s unconventional, 
but really was helpful in holding
everything in place while 
I folded the edges in, and twisted 
the handles together.
I had way too much material along the edges,
but decided to leave it “as is”
 for fear of splitting the bamboo if 
I tried to trim the excess away.

Hopefully it won’t fall apart the first time I use it!
5 Apr 2011

"Art from the Press"

Around here, it’s a rare event
to have an exhibition with
nothing but prints included. So I was
especially grateful to have been included in
this exhibition entitled
“Art from the Press”
 which opened last Friday.

Twenty two artists are included,
 five representing Tiger Lily Press,  numerous
University printmaking instructors, and 
individual printmakers as well.

 Andy Au, Nicholas Ball, Jay Bolotin, Suzanne Chouteau,
 Judy DiMuzio, Heidi Endres, Rick Finn,
 Mark Fox, Jase Flannery, April Foster, Saad Ghosn,
 Kevin Harris, Don Kelley, Theresa Gates Kuhr, Craig Lloyd,
 Tony Luensman, Tim McMichael, Mark Patsfall, 
Chris Plummer, Ellen Price, Thom Shaw, and Brian Stuparyk.

It was great to see the amazing
diversity of talent, and techniques used!
(more images in the slideshow on the right, double click to enlarge!)
The exhibition continues through May 20th.
If you’re in the Cincinnati area, 
stop in and check it out.

Covington Artisans Enterprise Center
25 West 7th Street
Covington, KY
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3 Apr 2011