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polyfilm & carbon paper

Polyfilm is a clear “plastic”
paper, glossy on one side
and slightly matte on the reverse.
It’s become an invaluable tool when working
on my woodblocks. Prior to polyfilm,
I was using tracing paper
 to transfer my image to my block.

The image is drawn on the matte side,
and flipped over and
re-traced on the glossy side using 
red carbon paper.

Sadly, the older I got the 
more difficult it became to see what I was
doing through opaque tracing paper!
31 Jul 2011

Broken tool

Geez, it’s never a good thing to break a tool, 
but this one was new!
Perhaps it’s time I 
start investing in better quality ones.

24 Jul 2011

back to carving…

Well, I’ve had a pleasant 
few weeks away from printmaking which allowed
me to get caught up on other projects.
But now I’m back to the block!

19 Jul 2011

Packing up TLP

The printmaking studio that I’m a member of,
Tiger Lily Press
is moving to a newly renovated space on Monday.
The move has been a long time coming,
and I think we’ll all be glad when 
it’s over and we can get back to printing again!

I haven’t had much time to help with
 the packing until today.
I got the stinky/dirty (but satisfying) job of cleaning out
the vertical etching tank &
gunky parts washer.

9 Jul 2011

Buddha (mourning drape)

Prior to starting on this print, I made
a conscious decision to change up a few things.
Specifically, my imagery & method of working had to go
in order to grow a bit.
I wasn’t sure why, but just felt an
inexplicable tug pulling me off in a new direction.

I’m not sure what to do next,
but I really enjoyed figuring out how to carve & print 
these folds and drapes.  So perhaps another
“drape” print is in the near future.

I ended up doing fourteen reductions on this block.
Eight prints were completed, and once
I flatten & sort through them, I may
have an edition of four.
4 Jul 2011