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calendar printing @TLP

Oh it’s a good feeling,
not only getting my edition of 100  calendar prints
completed in record time,
but not having a single one get screwed up in the process.
Things were much easier this time, now that we
have the necessary bits to 
lock the jig down to the base of the letterpress.
This made a huge difference, in the past the jig would either
slide around or lift up at one end
when the roller passed over it.
Susan’s expertise was essential at this point
since I had pretty much forgotten
everything that I learned in letterpress class!
Once we got the jig and 
pressure issues worked out, the actual
printing went smoothly and I was done 
in two hours!
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30 Jun 2012

sugar lift etching

After more line etching & burnishing, I think 
I”m about done with this etching….maybe not.
I’m going to pull a few more proofs this weeekend
and decide for sure, it may need a little
more burnishing.
This most recent proof is quite dark,
mainly because I  under wiped the plate.
Because of that, some detail is lost, but can be seen
in the second angled photo. 
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7 Jun 2012