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Perfectly Flattened Robert Courtland Compton, #1 & #2

Back in 2007, before I discovered moku hanga, I was using Akua water based ink
with my woodblock prints.  
I had one problem after another and quickly abandoned the ink. The main problem was
that the oily ink would cause the paper, Owara Mulberry for this image, to buckle and wrinkle so badly
that I wasn’t even able to store them flat for fear of
permanent damage.
So today, as I was searching for prints to sell at the Tiger Lily Press print sale,
I thought it was time to try to salvage these.
I spritzed the prints with water, both sides, and used a hake brush
to even out the moisture. After waiting a few minutes for the paper to relax, I used moistened
watercolor tape to adhere all four sides. A blotter placed on top, with 
a board and a few heavy books finished it off.
A few hours later….voila! Perfectly flat + dry prints….
such a simple fix, so why did it take me 5 years to figure this out?!?
22 Oct 2012