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Text, courtesy of Susie Sunbeam.

One of my goals for my Tiger Lily Press
residency was to create a small book project
that combined text and some sort of printed image.

I’ve started on the text, thanks to an 1863
children’s religious book written
by “Susie Sunbeam”.
It’s chocked full of bad grammar, typos
and stories about children behaving
properly and loving Jesus. 


I wanted to print the text on an
extremely thin (11 gsm) Japanese handmade washi
called Tengucho Ash.
Because the paper is so thin, problems occurred
and I had to come up with alternative
ways to print. The best solution?
Tapping the type with the blunt end of a chopstick!


Tap, tap, tap……20 minutes to print one page.
Lucky for me, this project will only be an edition of two or three.
Too much tapping and the paper will tear,
not enough, and the ink won’t transfer.



This one was successful!

It’ll be used as an overlay on whatever
image I end up using.

20 Apr 2016