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One plate, six prints.
I’ve discovered the fun of sanding down
a plate and re-using it again. Not only is it
economical for expensive copper plates but there’s
something very pleasing
about destroying an image that I’ve
spent some time in creating.

I made a simple folio to hold
the six loose prints. The title was created
on the same etching plate as the prints
using carborundum grit sprinkled onto the text
which was painted on the plate with gel medium. Once dry,
it can be inked, wiped and printed
like any intaglio plate.

The interior is lined with “eyeball” marbled paper
in brown and two shades of gray.

“Corrupt”, “Immoral” and “Shameless”
After printing each edition, I used an orbital sander to
remove parts of the image and to create plate tone.

“Rain”, “Dive” and “Drown”
This is the alternate edition of the prints above.
I sanded and polished
the plate before moving on to the next image.
Although not visible in my photos,
there were remnants of each previous image
that I couldn’t get rid of.

All prints were inked using my fave new ink,
Gamblin Graphite
and printed on warm white Hahnemuhle Copperplate paper.

27 May 2017