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The Russians


I’ve recently completed a suite of three
aquatint (plus drypoint) etchings
of contemporary Russian men.

One 9″ X 11″ copper plate was used for all three,
grinding the plate down with an orbital sander
after each image was editioned.
In fact, I used the same plate for the
previous suite “Purgatory”.
I’ve been able to get a lot of mileage out of this one plate!








I decided to make a simple folio to house
the copies that I keep for my records.

This was my first attempt for the cover design,
a cut out pattern that was meant to be covered with bookcloth
for a subtle embossed look.
Sadly, it was a miserable failure and went in the trash…
the second attempt also ended up there….ugh,
it’s never easy wasting time and a lot of expensive
book arts supplies!

But, since I don’t give up very easily, I
came up with a new plan and design for the cover.

I used one of the leftover proof prints and
did a computer generated design
that was printed on ultra thin
handmade Japanese paper. This was then
glued over the proof to allow the image to barely show through.
I lucked out with the placement of the eyes!


The interior is covered with a very simple
marbled paper in red and white.


22 Jul 2017