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a dremel-free print

I decided to ditch my dremel for
the current woodcut that I’m working on
and use tools exclusively. 
But what was I thinking? So far, this tedious carving
has given me cramps in my hand..

And as usual, with every moku hanga print I do,
I have some new problem to solve. This 
time, my paper (in the damp pack) is sticking
to each other, causing some
surface abrasion.
Hmmm, gotta figure out what’s causing that….

Posted by Rick on June 5, 2011
  1. 06/17/2011
    Annie B

    I can relate to the cramped hands. Maybe I need a dremel? What kind of paper are you using? Is it sticking to your block too? (Not that I've ever figured out why that happens sometimes…)

  2. 06/18/2011
    Rick Finn

    Hi Annie,
    I'm using Torinoko paper, but I figured out the problem wasn't the paper. I've been using the same old plastic bag for ages to keep my paper covered, turns out that sizing was building up and causing the paper to stick. Once I switched to a clean new bag, the problem was solved!

  3. 06/18/2011
    Annie B

    Thanks Rick. Very interesting. And sort of funny. I'll file that away for future reference.

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