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A Week for Experimenting.

My “day for experimenting” has turned
into a week + of experimenting with
moku hanga & chine colle.
I had some very unexpected, but pleasant,
surprises as I worked through the process.
Since I’m using a water based glue (methylcellulose),
I had assumed that the chine colle
paper would have to be applied during
the last run of printing due to the possibility
of it coming loose from the print paper.
I was very wrong with that assumption.
Long story short, after applying
the chine colle paper (Sekishu) early in the process,
I allowed the prints to dry and then re-wet
them at least 7 more times (without any overprinting).
I had fully expected the glue to reactivate
with the dampened paper and then fall off, but it didn’t.
Encouraged by this, I continued
printing over the top at least 7 more times
using the reduction method.
Since I was just playing around with this, I wasn’t
too concerned with registration. I used both sides of the
block here. You can see an unsightly edge around the profile due
to my inaccurate carving. That’s something
I’ll need to work on, but I feel confident
enough to begin work on a “real”
print using what I’ve learned so far.
Posted by Rick on January 29, 2012
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  1. 02/6/2012
    Annie B

    Very cool, Rick. Thanks for sharing your discoveries!

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