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Artist Talk at TLP

Last week, as part of my residency at 
Tiger Lily Press, I gave an hour long talk
on my recent work and discussed the process
of mokuhanga and chine colle.


Here I’m showing the three woodblocks
used in printing the color for this image, as well as
the original silverpoint drawing, the chine colle
copy of the drawing and the finished print.



Close up of the finished print, “Dead Weight”,
and drawing.



These are two of the woodblocks that were 
overprinted onto a photographic image.
“Prayers for a Happy Death 3”



I also brought along some a few tools 
used in the mokuhanga process including these
Japanese brushes for applying ink
to the block.



The only etching I had time to do this past year.
One copper plate, which was editioned at three different
stages as I made progress on the image.
This is “Creep 2” and “Creep 3”.

Posted by Rick on December 15, 2015

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