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back to etching, part 2

Geez, this etching that I started working on
back in March has been one of
the most frustrating and difficult
plates that I’ve done in years.
It began as an experiment using
sugar lift ground and the saline sulfate etch.
I could tell early on that
the sugar lift/aquatint ground was
fouling biting and wasn’t going to
print well.
Here’s the first proof…which looks
nothing like what I intended!
Not one to just give up, I dove right in
and began to add line work, burnishing
and more aquatint.
Here is the latest proof, hot off the press
this afternoon.
I have more burnishing to do, and will
also be adding more line work
here and there.
This is the first real print
that I’ve done with the saline etch,
it seems to have a lot of quirks
that I have yet to figure out.
Posted by Rick on May 5, 2012
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  1. 05/7/2012
    Annie B

    You've made a ton of progress, though. Is it more to your liking at this stage? I think it's pretty rich.

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