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birch plywood + moku hanga

Prior to discovering shina plywood, I never cared  much to make woodcuts.
Too much work, coarse edges, chipping wood, hard on the tools. But shina
has been great to work on, especially with a Dremel.
Unfortunately,¬† McClain’s is temporarily out of every size block that I ordered. Since their
next shipment isn’t expected until late April, it’s time to find an alternative.

I picked up a small birch plywood block at my local craft store, unsure of how this would
work with a water based technique.
One half was coated with sanding sealer, and the other left bare. Similar marks
were made with the Dremel (tough on the bits!) on each section. I expected the
ink to bead up on the sealed side (it didn’t), and the grain to be raised
on the unsealed side (it did). But, it turns out that the only
discernible difference is the unsealed side prints slightly darker.

So while I patiently wait for my shina order, birch plywood may

be a decent alternative to making woodcuts.

Posted by Rick on March 20, 2011
  1. 03/22/2011
    Annie B

    Rick, you're blogging!! I'm psyched. I can't wait to watch you work. I love what you do with moku hanga.

  2. 03/22/2011
    Rick Finn

    Hi Annie, thanks!

    (After doing some more testing on this birch, I don't think it'll work very well for moku hanga.)

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