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Buddha (veil)

I’ve been steadily working on this reduction woodblock for the 
last 10 weeks ( an unprecedented amount of time for me to spend on 
one block!), today I printed the 17th
reduction and promptly
declared that I was done after the last 
print was pulled.
I kept thinking I could take it a few steps farther,
but my instinct said 
“stop & let it go”.

I’m not sure yet what I want to do next,
but I’m sure it’ll be small, simple & quick!
“Buddha (veil)”
16″ X 24″
sumi ink on Torinoko paper
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2 Oct 2011

plodding along…

This current reduction woodcut
that I’m working on is a 
continuation of my
“draped” Buddha head theme.

This image is more complex that the last one, 
with the drape being transparent.
Something I’ve never tried before in a 
woodcut, so we’ll see if I can
 pull this one off!

The trouble with reduction prints
is that it takes some time for
the image to begin to “appear” and
actually look like something.
This process has definitely 
taught me patience!
Today I printed the sixth reduction,
with the Buddha’s face just beginning to
show in the upper left corner.
13 Aug 2011

Buddha (mourning drape)

Prior to starting on this print, I made
a conscious decision to change up a few things.
Specifically, my imagery & method of working had to go
in order to grow a bit.
I wasn’t sure why, but just felt an
inexplicable tug pulling me off in a new direction.

I’m not sure what to do next,
but I really enjoyed figuring out how to carve & print 
these folds and drapes.  So perhaps another
“drape” print is in the near future.

I ended up doing fourteen reductions on this block.
Eight prints were completed, and once
I flatten & sort through them, I may
have an edition of four.
4 Jul 2011