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printing at home finally

Despite the fact that I purchased
my etching press way back in 1995,
it wasn’t until this past week that
it finally got bolted to a table so that
I could actually use it..
how’s that for procrastination?
My at-home set up is far from perfect so far.
The kitchen sink is my paper soaking
tray, the countertop is the blotting station,
and the press is in a spare bedroom. I don’t have
a hotplate and decided using my stovetop to
warm my plate may not be the safest thing to do.
I decided to pull a couple of proofs
of this troublesome plate that
I’m working on lately. Just wanted
to see how the most recent changes to the plate
would look like.
This also gave me my first chance to try
Charbonnel “Aqua Wash”, which
is their water soluble etching ink.
The first proof, on the left, didn’t
have enough pressure to print well.
I had to increase the pressure so much that I could
barely turn the handle…definitely not
a good thing for the press!
The proof on the right is better but
not great. At least I can see that I’ll need
to burnish some more and perhaps add more line work.
I love the fact that clean up is a breeze
with the water soluble ink.
After comparing these with previous
oil based proofs, I’ll stick with the oil
ink when it comes time to edition.
13 May 2012

"Flat Out Fun!",

The second day of the 
Flat Out Fun/Steamroller Event
consisted of 
print demos, talks & gallery shows.

First on the schedule was
a woodblock print demo from
David Johnson, from Ball State.

David brought a two sided block, one side
was printed with multiple colors, 
and the reverse side was printed 
in black. He prefers to use a spoon
instead of a press.

Ray Must, from the
Dayton Print Co-Op, showed examples of
his printmaking talents and 
also gave a talk on 
Jim Dine’s “Temple of Flora”
book of botanical images.

At the 
Dayton Visual Arts Center,
artist Nick Satinover gave a talk & demo
on trace monotype.

You can see more of Nick’s work here.

12 Oct 2011

Buddha (veil)

I’ve been steadily working on this reduction woodblock for the 
last 10 weeks ( an unprecedented amount of time for me to spend on 
one block!), today I printed the 17th
reduction and promptly
declared that I was done after the last 
print was pulled.
I kept thinking I could take it a few steps farther,
but my instinct said 
“stop & let it go”.

I’m not sure yet what I want to do next,
but I’m sure it’ll be small, simple & quick!
“Buddha (veil)”
16″ X 24″
sumi ink on Torinoko paper
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2 Oct 2011