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Posts from the ‘suminagashi’ Category

The Miscreant’s Path

This is a very simple folio project
that I finished up today. It was created to house
a letterpress poem + a sheet of suminagashi paper.
This was good practice for me,
since it’s been 30+ years since I did
a project like this.

titlestrip copy

The title strip is slightly recessed
below the surface. I used tiny magnets
embedded in the front and back boards
for a tidy invisible closure.
Whoever came up with that idea is a genius!!

open copy

I only made two of the folios, this one was lined
with book cloth on the interior.
The suminagashi paper is loose and meant
to be unfolded to reveal the pattern.

open3 copy

open4 copy

open lined copy

This one was lined with a coordinating sheet
of suminagashi paper. Only because I slopped glue
on the book cloth and needed a way to cover up the mess!
I actually think I prefer this over the plain one,
so I may go back and reline theĀ 
first one.

7 May 2016