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color woodblock printing

I’ve ventured into scary territory….color woodblock printing!
My last attempt at any sort of color printmaking
was at least 30 years ago. Back then I
tried color lithography & etching,
 everything I did was a dismal dud.
So it was B&W only from that point onward.
But this year I wanted to try explore new areas
of printmaking. Not only is this my first
color woodblock print, but also the first multi block one.
It started with a master sketch and
separate color break downs. It wasn’t long
before I threw all of that aside, too tedious
and time consuming, and decided to
just “wing it” and see what happened.
I have two 14″ X 14″ blocks and
am using both sides of each. The reduction
process is pretty comfortable for me
so I’m using that technique as much
as possible.
After trying some dry pigments (not
successful for me), I settled on using gouache.
So far, I think I’ve printed 18 times.
I’m being very safe and either watering down,
or muting every color I use.
Consequently my image looks flat at the moment.
Luckily I have plenty of
wood left so I intend on continuing
to overprint to beef up the image.
Plus, I’ve made some ridiculous carving blunders,
and I hope to correct those as well.
Posted by Rick on March 4, 2012
  1. 03/5/2012
    Annie B

    Wow, Rick!! Spectacular. This makes total sense in terms of the woodcuts you've done previously and moving them into the multi-block multi-color realm. Very inspiring!

  2. 03/5/2012
    Rick Finn

    Thanks Annie! I'm enjoying the process, especially using multiple blocks. It's so much quicker when I can print several colors all at the same time on one block!

  3. 03/13/2012
    Belinda Del Pesco

    Bravo! It looks awesome! Great color, wonderful expression and atmosphere. Can't wait to see what else you come up with! I'm diving into some small color linocuts – after a 25 year hiatus, so thanks for the inspiration!

  4. 03/14/2012
    Rick Finn

    Thanks Belinda! I'm continuing to work on this image and will post an update soon. Have fun with your color linocuts!

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