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First print of the year completed!

Oh, it’s good to be making prints again! 
Last year was a wash, I only made one woodcut
and no etchings.
But, I’m back on track and generally focused
in the right direction. I’ve been interested in mokuhanga
woodcuts for the last year or so, frustrated by it as well.
It’s a far cry from traditional western style
relief printing, which I was already familiar with.
This print is the
fourth one I’ve done with the technique, 
also the largest to date at 19″ X 25″.
I love using a combination of a Dremel,
and traditional woodcut tools.
In order to save money & conserve materials,
I’m doing reduction printing. On average,
10 reductions per block, sometimes a bit more.
Often I just
keep carving & printing until I run out of wood! 
 The completed print,
“Another Day Without”
Ten prints were pulled, but after 
weeding out the weak/off-register/sloppy
ones, I managed to get an edition of four!
Posted by Rick on March 7, 2011

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