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"Flat Out Fun" 1st. day

This past weekend was the
“Flat Out Fun” steamroller print event
hosted by the
Dayton Printmakers co-op.
Members from all five Ohio print groups attended,
it was great to meet some of our fellow Ohio printmakers!
The main event on Friday night was
the steamroller printing. Each co-op had a
4′ X 4′ linoleum block which was carved by
their members and then printed that evening.
Joan Effertz
Theresa & Susan with Aaron Ardell
Getting ready to ink.
Rolling up the TLP block.
Joan carefully cleaning the ink slab.
The inked block is placed within
the registration marks.
The paper is set in place….
…then the “blankets”.
Our steamroller operator patiently waiting…
…and our first print is almost done!
Susan is happy with the embossment.
Here it is, the first print!
The Columbus group, Phoenix Rising,
getting ready to print their block…
…and their finished print.
The Toledo group, Studio M Printmakers
about to pull their first print.
Zygote Press, from Cleveland, was busy
with “Inky”, their rocking horse press.
This guy was clearly enjoying the experience!
Smaller linoleum blocks were available for purchase by the general public
so they could try their hand at carving & printing their
own block.
A few of the larger studio-made prints setting
out to dry. be continued.
Posted by Rick on October 9, 2011

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