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little squirts

During the early stages of printing this block,
I noticed a darker streak printing
right up the middle of my image.
Turns out it’s a flawed seam in the
surface layer of the wood.
I wasn’t too worried because most of that
area was going to be carved away and
wouldn’t be noticeable.
Then yesterday, the last remaining
portion of the seam
(right at the top of the print)
decided to start squirting out ink
onto the paper margin whenever I passed over
it with the baren. Ugh.
Of course, with moku hanga, there is no
time to stop and trouble shoot once
printing has begun. All I could do was dab off
most of the excess with a paper towel.
So tonight, I’ve carved out the offensive seam
and I’m filling it in with wood glue….
and hoping for the best tomorrow morning
when I continue printing!
Posted by Rick on June 21, 2011

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