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plodding along…

This current reduction woodcut
that I’m working on is a 
continuation of my
“draped” Buddha head theme.

This image is more complex that the last one, 
with the drape being transparent.
Something I’ve never tried before in a 
woodcut, so we’ll see if I can
 pull this one off!

The trouble with reduction prints
is that it takes some time for
the image to begin to “appear” and
actually look like something.
This process has definitely 
taught me patience!
Today I printed the sixth reduction,
with the Buddha’s face just beginning to
show in the upper left corner.
Posted by Rick on August 13, 2011
  1. 08/15/2011
    Annie B

    Beautiful, Rick. I have so many questions. What size are you working? What kind of paper? I'm working on a large print right now that requires multiple all-over overprintings and the paper takes quite a beating. It also wants to wrinkle sometimes. And how do you control how quickly you go dark? Anyhow, it looks great so far.

  2. 08/15/2011
    Rick Finn

    Thanks Annie!
    The image is 16" X 24", and I'm using Torinoko paper. It's a VERY heavyweight paper by Japanese standards, but it holds up really well for lots of overprinting. It does have a tendency to wrinkle & buckle a lot. I don't even bother to flatten my prints in between printing each reduction, too much of a hassle.
    I have a 'formula" with my ink/water ratio. I usually start out with 5 tablespoons of water (more or less depending on block size) then add "X' number of drops of sumi. One or two drops will yield a very pale grey.
    With each successive printing, I add one more drop of ink + a teaspoon more of water to the initial 5 tablespoons to get a slightly darker shade. Luckily I have it all written out on a " cheat sheet" so I don't forget or get confused!! 🙂

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