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Safe(r) Etching Technique Experimentation Day

Once Tiger Lily Press
moves to our new home, sometime in the
next month or two, we will no longer be allowed
to use nitric acid to etch zinc plates.

So in order to keep etching alive, I’m 
learning how to use 
the saline-sulfate etch.
Today was the second day of 
casual experimentation.

I didn’t have the opportunity to
take any photos this time during the process,
but you can check out a previous 
post here with photos and
more detailed info on the technique.

Various test plates using aquatint, soft & hard grounds.

Posted by Rick on April 30, 2011
  1. 05/7/2011
    Annie B

    They've been researching saline etch at the studio where I teach. Wish you lived closer…

  2. 05/7/2011
    Rick Finn

    Annie, we've all been pleasantly surprised at how well this works. I hope your studio has good results also!

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