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Scrap block printed…

I had one smallish scrap woodblock
left in my stash,
and was able to squeeze out
a 6″ X 8″ print off of it.
The nice thing about working on a small scale?
Getting it done quickly! 
Untitled mokuhanga woodcut
12 reductions
edition of 5

I used a paper that I’ve only tried once before,
the fairly lightweight Masa Dosa.
I was surprised that it held up so well
with 12 reductions. 
But would I use it again? Probably not.
Early in the reduction process, it was 
printing with a blotchy appearance, but that eventually
diminished as more layers of ink were added.
Traditionally, completed mokuhanga prints
are dried between sheets of newsprint and/or blotters,
placed between boards and topped with
a light weight until dry.
This method is supposed to flatten
the print, but I’ve never had much success with it. 
Instead, I use watercolor tape to
adhere the damp prints to a board
until dry. This completely flattens
the prints, even removing any unsightly
baren marks. 
Obviously, this isn’t practical for
a large edition, but works well if you have 
only a few prints to dry.

Posted by Rick on March 8, 2011

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