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I’m rather enjoying a vacation 
from my Dremel, and getting
re-acquainted with my hand tools!
The block just prior to printing reduction #5.

This is the print so far, after printing the
fifth gray value. The image is a departure for me,
no portrait this time! It’s a draped
Buddha head statue.
More to come….
15 Jun 2011

a dremel-free print

I decided to ditch my dremel for
the current woodcut that I’m working on
and use tools exclusively. 
But what was I thinking? So far, this tedious carving
has given me cramps in my hand..

And as usual, with every moku hanga print I do,
I have some new problem to solve. This 
time, my paper (in the damp pack) is sticking
to each other, causing some
surface abrasion.
Hmmm, gotta figure out what’s causing that….

5 Jun 2011