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Packing up TLP

The printmaking studio that I’m a member of,
Tiger Lily Press
is moving to a newly renovated space on Monday.
The move has been a long time coming,
and I think we’ll all be glad when 
it’s over and we can get back to printing again!

I haven’t had much time to help with
 the packing until today.
I got the stinky/dirty (but satisfying) job of cleaning out
the vertical etching tank &
gunky parts washer.

9 Jul 2011

Safe(r) Etching Technique Experimentation Day

Once Tiger Lily Press
moves to our new home, sometime in the
next month or two, we will no longer be allowed
to use nitric acid to etch zinc plates.

So in order to keep etching alive, I’m 
learning how to use 
the saline-sulfate etch.
Today was the second day of 
casual experimentation.

I didn’t have the opportunity to
take any photos this time during the process,
but you can check out a previous 
post here with photos and
more detailed info on the technique.

Various test plates using aquatint, soft & hard grounds.

30 Apr 2011

What great printmaking friends I have….

My colleagues from Tiger Lily Press, who recently returned
from the Southern Graphics Conference,
were kind enough
to bring me back a surprise gift of a new baren! 

(However, this doesn’t mean I’m off the hook for repairing my old one!)

25 Mar 2011